Mast Painting

Seatek is one of the few rigging shops in the US that performs its own in-house aluminum and carbon fiber mast painting. With a full-time painter on staff and an 80’ custom spray booth, doing the work in-house allows us to control costs.

Properly painting a mast is a very large project. All hardware and existing paint must be removed to begin with a clean surface. Aluminum masts are media blasted to remove all corrosion; for carbon masts, we remove the paint or clear coat with scrapers or sand clean. We then sand the mast, boom, and spreaders. Next we apply the first coat of Chromate primer, for good adhesion, followed by three coats of epoxy primer. We sand again before applying the first coat of Awl-grip LP top coat paint. After overnight drying, we lightly sand the mast, and finally we apply two top coats.

We clean and inspect all mast components before installation. Any stainless steel fittings are electro-polished and have isolating tape fitted to isolate the dissimilar metals. All fasteners have Tef-Gel applied to help prevent corrosion and seizing.

Additional hardware, lights, or electronics can be installed by our staff at this time if desired.